REcord your own Jesus-Driven Adventure

Do you want to read your Bible every day, but aren’t sure how (or if) daily devotions change your life?

This line of journals seeks to connect the daily grind with the excitement of following our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It combines regular journaling (a.k.a., what I did today & how I feel about it) with devotional thoughts (a.k.a., what God has shown me through His Word & what I have learned or been reminded about Him), simply through jotting down a little each day.

This journal won’t tell you what to read or how to learn, but rather it will guide you through reflection on your devotional time and day-to-day life, checking in monthly to help you connect ideas, track answered prayers, and create an account of how Jesus is working in you through His Word, so you can look back and see the fingerprints of faithfulness scattered over your life.

Available in 2 designs

Oh What Faithfulness

My Faithful Compass