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By My Own Betrayal – Young Adult Novel + Series

To live is Christ. To die is much more likely.

Raised as a skilled assassin, the young and ambitious Sadie Black knows nothing else; her only way to live is for someone to die. Doing otherwise would betray her sole support network and leave her at the wrong end of a gun—which is exactly where Sadie has landed herself.

Abandoning the life of a hired killer for a new life in Christ, Sadie must work with a self-reliant FBI agent and his cryptic superior to secure her freedom before a vengeful family can steal her back to the career she’s desperately running from. Or they execute something a bit more…fatal.

Filled with sarcasm and intrigue, this contemporary faith-based novel proves itself as a must-read for adventure-seeking teens and new adults.

Author Endorsements

“Action-packed and Gospel-centered, By My Own Betrayal is a heart-pounding story, reminiscent of Frank Peretti’s Veritas Project series, that will enthrall Christian teens and inspire them to follow Jesus and leave everything else behind, no matter the cost.” – Erin Phillips, author of A Crown of Chains

Entering the sphere of Young Adult action spy novels comes the stunning debut by Cydnie Trenholm. Filled with themes of family, integrity, and choosing to believe the truth, this novel explores what it truly means to stand up for what you believe in, no matter what the cost. Through it all is wound the beautiful tale of perfect redemption found in Christ alone. Perfect for fans of Marvel and James Bond!” – Cheyenne van Langevelde, Author of Between Two Worlds and the Princess of the Highlands Trilogy

Trenholm presents a fast, clever story that will leave its readers wanting more. Her well-crafted prose and deep characters are absolutely brilliant.” – Nathaniel Luscombe, author of The Ones with Gilded Bones

“By My Own Betrayal is a fresh and unique take on the sacrifices God asks for in our lives. Trenholm — and God — take Sadie from darkness into light on this harrowing journey. From hired assassin to working with the FBI, Sadie places her life on the line for her newfound faith and hope. Trenholm paints an edge-of-your-seat picture of Sadie’s life before and after encountering Jesus — and doesn’t sugar coat the cost of accepting that incredible life.” – Sara Marlowe Jolene, author of The Seed of Euforemalta and The Magenta Trilogy 

Content Warnings
  • Limited descriptions of gore and violence (PG-13)
  • No swearing
  • No sexual content

dead and buried – Book 2 of the By My Own Betrayal series

Sadie Black is dead—at least, that’s the story in the FBI’s files.

Covered in scars from a failed mission, the barely-alive former assassin emerges from a hospital still resolute in achieving that operation’s objective: Sadie will find her fugitive relatives, share vital news that will save them, and end the murderous family business.

When a coded message linked to her childhood home surfaces, FBI Agent James Way unofficially recruits Sadie. Way offers access to classified information on the condition she doesn’t use it to personally track down her loved ones and instead adopts a ‘normal’ life . It’s a promise that’s harder to keep than it seems—especially when cracking the code demands Sadie’s illegal skills and experience.

Torn between a clean criminal record , a guilty conscience, and her newly found faith in Jesus Christ, Sadie tests the limits of her scarred body and soul to break the code and reconcile with her estranged family— discovering that even death can’t separate her from a blood-soaked past.

Dead and Buried is the second installment of the thrilling By My Own Betrayal series, coming September 5, 2024. Sign up for the newsletter to receive hassle-free updates on this upcoming release.

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